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Fiverr keeps rejecting my request

Below is what I entered for the Gig request but for some unknown reason Fiverr keeps rejecting the request!

Hello! We are currently looking for an intermediate graphic artist that can create a wide variety of layouts, graphics/flyers, iconography, package designs, website designs, logos and illustrations. Qualifications: Knowledge of main design tools (Canva, Figma, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop etc.) Exceptional creativity and innovation Excellent time management and organizational skills Accuracy and attention to detail An understanding of the latest trends and their role within a commercial environment Professional approach to time, costs and deadlines

Why would they reject the request?

Did you post in the right category?

Well to be honest you don’t really have a “project” explanation there.
It looks like you are using fiverr requests to employ a full time designer which fiverr is not.


I agree as this is not a thing I would, or could, apply for as it is not a defined project. There is no particular deliverable like:

a Green Logo for ABC Corp using Greebly 56 Typeface and a rose in the top right.

Vague things like this either look like they belong more with an employee relationship (i.e. not Fiverr) or the company is plain dodgy as they want a dogs body for no pay seeing the ad asks a lot yet doesn’t indicate anything concrete in return.

If you want to find someone you can trust, simply hire a freelancer or three until you find someone you feel comfy to send all your things to. Please for the love of whatever God you pray to, DO NOT try to get lower prices with promises of “more work to come” as any remotely experienced (and therefore skilled) person will swerve like you just dropped poison watermelons on the road.