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Fiverr keeps their fee if you cancel?

I have several gigs on Fiverr, but I also occasionally order gigs, though it has been some time since I did so. Prior to them charging buyers $2 - on top of the 20% they take from the people who do the actual work!

Anyway, I hired a woman for $10 to do a job, and had to pay Fiverr $12.

The woman could not do the job, so I cancelled. Fiverr refunded my $10, but not the $2 service fee. Is this standard practice? If the woman didn’t do the work, why should I have to pay Fiverr that $2?

Idk, because cancellation is not my main plan in running a business. :roll_eyes:

I don’t understand your response.

I hired someone to do a job. I paid $12, $2 of which went to Fiverr and $10 of which was to go to the woman if she completed the job. (Of which Fiverr keeps $2, as I’m sure you know.)

The woman could not do the job. Why should I let her keep $10 she hadn’t earned?

More to the point, why should FIverr get to keep $2 they hadn’t earned, because I had to cancel the job for which they took that $2 from me?

I meant, I don’t know if fiverr taking fee even if order cancelled. Maybe you could contact customer support to get a clear answer.
I believe any sellers don’t get any $ from any cancellation.

If it hasn’t changed since I last checked, when you cancel you have the opportunity to order from another seller. When you do, I don’t think you are charged the service fee again since you already paid it. It’s possible this has changed because Fiverr has made some changes in this area lately. You might double-check the Terms of Service because it is probably there if it has changed. If you ask Support to refund your cancelled funds to your payment source, then you probably don’t get the fee back since part of it covers that processing, but I’m not totally sure about that either right now.

(I honestly would do it myself so I’d be aware too, but it’s late in my time zone and I at least wanted to tell you how it was in the past.) The service fee is an issue of contention in general right now, so feel free to contact Support and tell them how you feel about it. I don’t think you would be the only one.