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Fiverr killed my gig because of $5

Hi Everyone,

My story began when a lady requested my service she provided all the necessary info then i started the work but later i found out that i can’t complete the work it was a misunderstanding!

i have delivered the work she confirmed, but after that she want the $5 back!!!

i sent the $5 to her paypal (i didn’t know it was against fiverr’s TOS) as i thought she will get $5 and fiverr will get $1 commission everyone is happy (expect for me).

The next day i received a warning “It appears you provided or offered a direct payment to another user,” then my level 1 seller badge was revoked!!!

I tried to explain the situation to the support but they won’t listen so i moved on!!

During the communication with the support they told me that i have 3 warnings but i don’t remember i did anything else against Fiverr’s TOS.

I asked the support about the other warnings but they won’t tell me !!!

Now my gig went so down because of $5.

I tried to contact the support again but they closed the door on my face!!

"This may take MONTHS or more - kindly refrain from opening requests regarding this matter until a considerable amount of time has passed without any violations on your part. Thank you."

After i have delivered +24 orders, $xxxx revenue, Excellent rating and 2 Hrs Response Time Fiverr killed my gig because of $5 this is so ironic!!!

Keeping payments within the Fiverr platform is probably Fiverr’s biggest rule.

That said, you’ll recover in time. Fiverr forgive people. You may need to offer more to get noticed now though.

I would call you a VERY lucky person. Many sellers have completely lost their accounts over using outside payments. Fiverr did not kill your gig over $5. Fiverr decided to let you keep your account even though you broke a major rule over $5.

You also learned a lesson more valuable than a level 1 badge. You learned that when dealing with money, reading the ToS is critical. It’s not terribly hard to get 10+ more gigs sold if you are a good worker. If you hadn’t learned this until level 2 that would be a shame. 50+ sales is much tougher. Keep at it and realize how happy you should be about this.

Sorry this happened to you. I understand your frustration but you should have read the TOS.

I don’t feel sorry for you. be sure to read TOS. never send direct payments to ANYONE, fist of all you are a seller, so never send payments to a buyer PERIOD! this is where you went wrong. Just work hard and maybe they will reconsider and raise your level back. Good Luck

You need to keep everything within Fiverr. I don’t even communicate or offer to communicate anywhere else other than within Fiverr’s messaging system. It safeguards both the buyer and seller and makes sure anything that needs to be documented can be.