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Fiverr lagging - What IF?

Hello guys, Fiverr is acting weird all day. I am unable to respond to messages in my Inbox. I get notifications about things that I marked 10 times as read and the BIG PROBLEM is that I delivered an order and it recognized the delivery but no delivery message appeared. I then redelivered the order and the same thing happened. Now, three hours after my attempts to deliver the order the “Delivery” messages that I sent to the buyer appeared, but I cannot see the files attached. Now, imagine if the buyer is getting the same thing. He is a new Fiverr buyer, he payed 60$ for an express delivery, he got his delivery 3 times but without any product attached to the delivery. Now I am really worried that the bugs that the platform is causing today may affect the review that the buyer is going to leave and I absolutely think that Fiverr should be able to step in when things like this happen. What do you think?

She just sent me a message - "Hello there! No, I am unable to view any files, it just says “Your delivery is…” but I can’t read the whole message because the page won’t refresh and I literally cannot get back to her. DAMN, how am I accountable for a bad experience if the bad experience is not because of my service? This is awful! Please fix this, Fiverr!

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