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Fiverr Learn vs. LinkedIn Learning

I am relatively new to the Fiverr Learn community. However, I have been a large advocate for the LinkedIn Learning community for quite sometime. As an Executive Coach, I spend a great deal of time trying to find new programs and courses for my clients to dive into that can offer a beneficial lesson.

I guess the question that I would have in terms of the Fiverr Learn community is as follows:

  1. How effective has the content across the Fiverr Learn platform been for those taking the courses?

  2. How different is the learning experience when comparing the courses found in Fiverr Learn versus that of something like the LinkedIn Learning platform?

  3. What is the cost structure for access to courses? (I’m new, so I’m unaware as to whether these are individual courses - or are they more on a subscription basis like that of LinkedIn Learning?)

  4. What is the benefit of the Fiverr Learn community at-large?

  5. Can you connect with content creators directly?


Interesting questions, welcome.

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Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

To clarify, you’re looking for information from people who have taken both LinkedIn Learning and Fiverr Learn courses, correct? So you can make some comparisons?

I’ve only taken a few of Fiverr’s Learn, but I can answer your question 3: The courses are paid for individually. They do offer ONE free course, accessible to all Fiverr sellers: Online Social Media Content Strategy Class | Fiverr if you’d like to take it to get an idea of how they’re set up.

(The help center page appears to be a bit outdated. Fiverr Help and Education Center)


There are individual courses and so called programs (packs). Plan subscription does not exist on Fiverr Learn at the moment but might be something interesting I guess.