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Fiverr let me down this week

But don’t worry, I still love Fiverr.

So this is what happened.

I do keyword research and competitor analysis for the most part and had an order come in for a business that sold a product which is widely illegal in most parts of the world.

It’s illegal in my country, the US, Oz and even Fiverr’s home town.

Which put me in a jam. It’s a 24 hour gig and here I am challenging my own ethics and also aware that if I don’t complete the gig and cancel it can hurt my seller rating.

So I was left with 4 options.

  1. Say nothing, do the gig
  2. Highlight it to support and still do the gig in case they see no issue.
  3. Highlight it to support and not do the gig in the hope they agree.
  4. Tell the seller to cancel and risk an impaired completion rating.

I think there are a few other likely options too.

So I highlighted the gig, but heard nothing back and then started to panic that it may not be agreed with and time was ticking by.

So I did the gig.

Buyer accepted delivery and payment was made.

Three days later. Gig was cancelled and buyer was refunded.

I’ve now worked for no financial benefit, buyer has work for free and I lose an order that takes me closer to level 2.

It seems like there is zero incentive for a seller to flag potential abuse of Fiverr and it always runs the risk of backfiring, Fiverr not agreeing and now you have to do work for a buyer who thinks you’re a d***.

That doesn’t seem right. What’s the solution? Maybe an amnesty for any gigs that are verifiably for services illegal in a seller’s or Fiverr’s country?

It annoyed me and it’s time I could have spent stroking my cat. But despite this, Fiverr has quickly become a place where i can extra income in an environment that requires I have no marketing cost if work doesn’t come and ensures that when work is done, I don’t have to chase debtors.

So while Fiverr needs to fix these kinds of problems that sellers can help them fix - I still love Fiverr.

Anyone else have novel length stories to share of the Yin and the Yang here?


When dealing with these type you could go ahead and go for a cancellation. I’ve dealt not an exactly similar thing but the stats was refilled for me after I got to CS and explained the reason for the cancellation.


Understandable. I think it’s okay to have a few words with CS (just be patient because they’re still overwhelmed, I think).

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That’s great to know. TBF to CS I’ve found them to be great every time.