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Fiverr let me say goodbye to my long distance relationship


I started selling on Fiverr after I graduated with a Creative Sound & Music degree. I had no job, no money and my boyfriend lived almost 100 miles away. I got a part-time job in a small 3-screen cinema for 10 months which gave me time to build up savings and my reputation on My Fiverr income gave me security to leave my hometown and move to a new place with my boyfriend. At first I felt I was taking a big risk so I got a job at a bigger cinema to feel a little more secure…but then I learnt/realised nothing beats self-employment with and i left to be full-time Fiverr again! It’s been 1 year of no long distance and 1 year of happiness :slight_smile: Looking forward to upsizing from a rented flat - rented house this month and i’m finally starting to drive again (3 years since I passed my test!)

How has Fiverr changed your life?