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Fiverr let me say goodbye to my long distance relationship

I started selling on Fiverr after I graduated with a Creative Sound & Music degree. I had no job, no money and my boyfriend lived almost 100 miles away. I got a part-time job in a small 3-screen cinema for 10 months which gave me time to build up savings and my reputation on My Fiverr income gave me security to leave my hometown and move to a new place with my boyfriend. At first I felt I was taking a big risk so I got a job at a bigger cinema to feel a little more secure…but then I learnt/realised nothing beats self-employment with and i left to be full-time Fiverr again! It’s been 1 year of no long distance and 1 year of happiness :slight_smile: Looking forward to upsizing from a rented flat - rented house this month and i’m finally starting to drive again (3 years since I passed my test!)

How has Fiverr changed your life?

My girlfriend lives about 2000 miles away and I started selling on fiverr to make it there. She’s dealt with an abusive family for years now. I want to get emancipated and make a full income that’s scalable to support us while she goes to college and pursues her dreams, and I’ve been seeing some significant progress recently but some recent difficulties came up on here that might make it impossible in the short time frame that’s needed now, I am very happy for you this made me smile to read

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I thought it was quite sweet I forgot I wrote that post!!! Great to see how much things have changed since five years ago!!