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Hello Fiver community!

There is something wrong with the Fiverr Customer Support…, at least for the sellers.
Recently they cancelled an order after I declined a buyer request to mutually cancel.
I had worked hours to deliver a perfectly hand-made translation of 5500+ words from English to Dutch, when the buyer started complaining about the fact that it would relate too much to Google Translate. Without seeing any proof from the buyer’s side, I told him that there was no automatic translator used at any time.

Nevertheless he arranged a cancellation by Fiverr. (And will use the translation for free probably)
I contacted the Customer Service to know the reason behind the cancellation and all they could say was that it was impossible to turn back and that deliveries should always be delivered on time. The text was delivered way before the due time.

Fiverr closed the ticket, as they say it’s impossible to turn a cancellation back.
I expect a compensation from Fiverr’s side for unreasonably cancelling the order.

Is there anyone else in the same situation? Or maybe someone who could explain the model of Fiverr to me? I’ve been a seller for several years now, but it seems like Fiverr is actually a place where people can place orders, cancel them and use the delivered products afterwards.

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Yes I have always wondered what is the point of having the ‘Decline’ button if Fiverr cancels it anyway. I get a few cancellations for various reasons mostly because they want something outside my remit despite there being guidelines on my listings. I think we get penalised if we cancel an order but in fact it is not us that cancel it it is fiverr. I suppose their difficulty is that if a person has a Paypal account they can cancel any work that has been done online whether Fiverr authorise it or not.

That sounds strange. I have had similar issues where CS backed me and refused the requested cancellation. As per the ToS, the quality of the final delivery is not grounds for cancellation so I don’t understand why they did this. I suggest following up with CS to find out more as this is not the standard practice for cancellations.
When CS send a response, the ticket is marked as resolved but you can still reopen it by responding to it. I do think that you are at least owed a proper explanation, if not $$, for why it was cancelled.

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Hello Miss Leonora, nice to meet you!

I’m sorry this happened to you! Was it a Paypal chargeback? As eoin said it is strange they would cancel it if you delivered it as promised. Fiverr cannot control any Paypal chargebacks.

There are a few dishonest buyers on Fiverr. There are people who like your work but don’t want to pay for it.

This is why I don’t do gigs that take a lot of time. My proofreading gig is for 1,000 words maximum, and while it doesn’t get a lot of orders, I have a perfect 5.0

Sometimes I’m offered $200, even $300 to proofread books, but I always decline. I don’t know what advice to give you, if you like big projects then the good news is that most clients are honest and will pay for what they buy, but you will meet crooks eventually.