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Fiverr Level 1 decreased my sales

Hello! I tell you my problem:

Since I was promoted to level 1 everything has been completely opposite to what it is supposed to be like to have a higher rank in Fiverr. My impressions, clicks, views have plummeted alarmingly and of course, so have the clients interested in my work. Because of this, I had less and less to do on Fiverr, so I was logging in less than before.

Some other customers came to me from time to time and with my low activity I answered them 12, 24 or even 48 hours later, which made my response rate below 90% so I was degraded to level 0, then everything strangely returned to normal, new customers came to ask more often, with many of them I made sales, therefore my response rate exceeded 90% again so the next month I was promoted to Level 1 again.

Since then everything is exactly the same as I described before, I thought it was because my Gigs were unattractive, so I started working to upload more impressive work samples, change the thumbnails for others that would attract much more attention, write new descriptions more interesting but simply nothing happens, since February 15 I was promoted again I have not had a single new message, even when I also sent proposals in the buyer requests section.

I don’t know what’s going on with this level, I’m supposed to love it, but it’s not giving me good experiences.

I need advice, help or anything else that can help me or at least shed some light on what’s going on with my account.

Thanks in advance!

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There’s a post on here entitled “level 1 hell” - use the search bar to find it. It explains exactly what’s going on …

In the meantime, grit your teeth and aim for level 2.


I had not read that thread, so I looked it up. Here it is if anyone is interested.