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Fiverr Level 2 Not Promoted!

I’ve completed 50 orders in last two months and also a low cancellation rate.
But i didn’t got promoted.?
Do i have to complete one more or it takes time to update?

Thank you.

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Contact customer support and ask the issue.

I got level 2 badge completed in 35 orders.

how this happen? i completed 4 orders in 1 week …i am a new seller… what are the suggestions for me?
when will be i first and second?

For more information about click [](http://Fiverr Levels) .

@ahmedghumro in 35 Orders ?

You need 50 completed orders
Low cancellation rate
and good reviews
and if you didnt get any warning previously

What are the warnings ? @expertpeople

if you have violated any rules
or if you have been warned from fiverr

Thanks a Lot @expertpeople