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Fiverr level 2 payment 10days

if yu can introduce a payment system for level 2 sellers.Level 1,2 have no different


No difference b/w lvl 1 & 2

check this out

Level-01-14 days
Level -02 also-14days
Top Ranking-7days
yu think if yu can earn 400usd yu can get level-01 but yu should earn 20000usd for level-02

That’s why I’m trying to get on that TRS status @FiverrSupport I’m ready


sorry not20000usd,10000usd for level-02

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2000 not 20,000 ,20k is for top rated sellers

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You crack me up :laughing:


sometimes some buyers click orders accidently.3,4 months ago one buyer click my 50usd offer.i asked what is yur job.he told me sorry was accidently click.i told fiverr custom support and cancel it.thanks custom support but my account has 1 cancel was not a order is buyer error.but artist account has 1 order cancel.introduce a sysytem.

i am ok for top ranking but i did not get.but my next level requirements are ok

update top ranking qualification.if yu can update we have targert.thannk you fiverr