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Fiverr level demotion! Canceled 1 order ! 50% order completion rate

Waiting for Fiverr level demotion! Cause next evaluation is on MAY 15. :frowning_face: Today 1 order canceled. Orders Completion rate has dropped to 50%! Now, what can I Do? I’m very worried. :sob: Do you have any Suggestions?

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After 60 days the cancellation will disappear from your stats completely and you’ll be back to 100% providing there are no other cancellations in that time. You’ll get the level back no problem.


But when I get my Level 1 back :frowning_face:

You will get your Level 1 back when all your stats are GREEN again. For that, you would need to complete quite a few orders to get your completion rate back to over 90%.

Why was there a cancellation?


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Once you get above 90%. As I have said already, after 60 days this will reset completely to 100% and you will get your level back on the evaluation day following this. The only other way to get it back sooner is to get and complete more orders so that your stats increases.

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That was mutual cancellation. After delivery of my work, Buyer cannot print the design in the exact size. I’ve fixed it many times. Then he could not set. That’s why he wants a refund. I thought it would be better to cancel the order than to get bad feedback.

It’s okay to get demoted, you’ll still get orders. And the cancellation rate isn’t permanent, as they mentioned earlier it will reset in 60 days, compared to a bad review that will stick through time. If it wasn’t a big order you spent a huge amount of time on that was a better choice if you really thought you were gonna get a bad review.

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It is regular activity, all freelancer needs to maintain their response rate, order completion, and on time delivery should be 90% , i was many time demoted earlier, but in next cycle if i complete the level activity i got the budge again…so no worry, keep increase your activity on Fiverr to get new ORDER.