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Fiverr Level Demotion

Hi, My response rate has been decreased to 80 percent and evaluation is on the 15th of November. I am a level one seller so definitely I will be demoted to level zero in case my response rate does not touch the 90 percent mark. Please let me know in the scenario of demotion will I have to earn another $400 from the start to earn level one again or only the response rate green mark will be enough for it? Please guide me.

Thank You


The reason you got the demoted will be the required reason to get you promoted.


The $400 figure is all time.

Switch to Selling and then click Analytics.

You will be able to see your individual statistics and all the necessary requirements.

Scroll down the page.


No, you can go to the next level if you have all the requirements. You do not need to earn $ 400 again.