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Fiverr Level For buyers


I want to start a discussion why there is no Level for buyers, i have been using fiver for more than a year and have ordered more than 500’s of $ in gigs, all i want is that my reviews should have more value as i constantly use fiverr i know how it works, rules norms, expectation etc and since i have been using fiverr for more than a year with a good reputation for ordering gigs a level on my account will mean that the sellers will take my work seriously and review from me would be helpful for the new buyers.


“Someone can be a Top-Rated Seller, buyer and poster”…just like other business a regular buyer should be a valued customer


I like the idea of different levels for buyers. Thus feedback will finally begin to work in both directions. May help to detect some “angry” buyers who likes giving “thumbs down” and hurt the seller’s ratings.

IMO Good idea!

Someone can be a Top-Rated Seller, buyer and poster :slight_smile:


When it comes down to it, what benefit could that really have? Levels for buyers, I mean. It wouldn’t affect whether or not you worked with them, because they’re still the ones placing the orders. I guess it could prevent fake accounts that rate everyone badly, but beyond that, I’m genuinely curious to know how this would help. Anyone know?