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Fiverr Level Goals Level One

Ok so over the past few days all my goals have been in the green then today my on-time delivery goes down to 89% into the red from 90%, the thing is nothing changed. The last completed order was 4 days ago all order are marked as ‘complete’ i have no ‘delivered’ orders so what made it go down 1% when nothing at all changed. Is this normal? well i know the answer to that i know it’s not normal but theres nothing i or anyone can do about it and fiverr just let their ‘algorithms’ do the job haha

The stats are reflection of the work that you did in the last 60 days from the current day. Check you stats over the course of 60 days.

Good Luck!!

Hi rahulgraphics, I appreciate the comment but i know this i just don’t know why it changed today when nothing changed on my fiverr profile

The stats are refreshed automatically based on the algorithm set by Fiverr. Just see that which of your order was delivered at that point when the stats changed. (Just see the timing of the order delivered Late on Mar 14)

Good Luck!!

That’s what i’m saying no order has been delivered on March 14th or for that matter the 13th or 12th so not only have i not had a late order, i’ve had no order so i don’t understand why it went down. The last late order i delivered was about a month ago and my stats went in the red but had since then gone into the green so i don’t understand why it went down again

I think your stats are correct now as compared to earlier stats. You said that you had delivered an order late in the 60 days period. So it will definitely count in the stats. Other than that if you think its a bug feel free to reach the Support to get it fixed.

Your orders stats were in green because some of the orders that cleared today from the counting stats were helping the rate to stay in green. Now when these orders are cleared from the stats, so you stats were purely depends on the orders that you delivered within the past 60 days.

For Example: if a seller completes 2 orders out of which 1 was delivered Late and 1 was on time in 60 days so the stats will be 50% on time delivery. As soon as the order that was delivered on time clears the 60 day period so the stat will refresh and new stat will be 0% on time delivery. Hope you get what I mean?

Some Fixes:

Clear your browser cookies. Delete Temporary files that are created when you open a browser.
Try logging again after that and review the stats.

Good Luck !!