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Fiverr Level One Details

Hi everyone. I have completed 10 orders on Fiverr But now I need to know that Fiverr asks to complete 10 orders to reach level 10. But does this mean to get 10 orders from 10 different people? Or it is just the 10 orders from 2 or 3 Buyers? I am not so sure


Check out the for details about levels and much more.

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I have checked everything and there is not much available regarding this. But on www.Fiverr.Com/Levels it is written 10 Individual orders and i dont know what does that mean?

It’s because you have one negative review (1 star)

30 days of membership in the Fiverr community
10 gigs sold with positive ratings
Low cancellation rate

Perfect reply. You are absolutely right sir. What can I do to get rid of this problem ?

I don;t think you can now. Best to try and fix the issue when you deliver the gig saying if there is anything wrong let me know so I can fix it.
But, sounds like when you get one more sale with a positive review you will get the level 1.

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You mean the 11th sale. because I have delivered 10 orders with 5 star review.

Yes. Because 9 sales have a positive review you need one more with a positive review.
Good luck!

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Thanks alot. You have helped me alot. you were of great help to me. Thank You Sir

if i finished 10 orders, But 5 buyer provide rating(4.8). can i get level one.

Thank you

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Visit Fiverr level pages and get all information about it :slight_smile:


Thank you, i will check it,

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You’re most welcome :slight_smile: