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Fiverr level one to level two-Orders?

Hello friends,

I want to ask you question.I am very confused.

If any buyer order one of my gig which is worth $5 and he ordered 4 quantity of my package then it will count as a one order or 4 order.
I am just asking because I am now on one level want to achieve 2nd level on fiverr. :slight_smile:

Thanks & Regards
Brady Bear

One order with 4 multiples is still one. You need 50 separate orders.

Thank you for reply.

that means buyer buy your services 4 times, its calculated one order but its doing need to 4 times. thanks

You need 50 separate orders, doesn’t matter if they are ordered by 1 person but ordered separately.


We need total of 50 orders or excluding 10 orders from level 1(50+10)? Thanks.

Hello to all
I started here May 16, 2016.
I have already 54 orders, to go to level 2, it takes another 6 orders?
Because if I read well, it was within two months. Three months in total.
Can anyone tell me?

Total 50 orders after 1st level in consecutive two months. It should be like this.

It’s all very clearly described on the Level’s page. They probably need to put a video on it with sign language.

  • Completed at least 50 individual orders in two consecutive months
  • Maintain a 4.5 star rating or above
  • Have a low cancellation rate

How about interpretive dance?

We could do that one together. I can do the moonwalk, hahaha.

Order Count One.

So… its going to take me a month of Sundays to reach level 2 as I doubt Ill get 50 orders done within a 2 month period.
So once you reach 50 orders and its taken longer than 2 months… no chance of level 2 then?