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Fiverr Level Promotion and Demotion Mystery


Hi there is a Question about Fiverr Level Promotion and Demotion which i want you to answer.

Suppose i am on level 2. My account got demoted to level 1 on January 15th.

Now to get back my Level 2 account Do i need to earn 2000$ again from 0$?

Or if i have already earned all time 2000$ and in next month i managed all requirments like deliever on time and ranking, will i get level 2 again?

Main question is the next level process start from zero or it will check from all time?


If you read the requirements carefully you will see that the $ requirements are “all time”.

Meaning they count that once, you need to total that amount and number of orders once ever since you started.


To get back the level 2 status the earnings will not be counted from 0$. Don’t panic.
The all time earnings will not drop to zero every month. (ALL TIME)
Just take care of your response rate, order completion rate and do on -time deliveries to get your Level two status again.


Thankyou sir for clarification


Thankyou sir for clarification :slight_smile:


Hmm. I’m pretty sure you lose all levels if one of the requirements is not met :thinking: Or did I read the blog post about them wrong?

If it’s right, and a TRS goes to level 0, does it take a minimum of 3 months to level back to TRS? One level up per month, if requirements are met? :thinking: Does seem a bit harsh, if so!


an existing seller cannot be demoted just because the earning isn’t as required in the updated terms. As long as you maintain your response rate, deliver complete orders on time, and continue to receive good ratings, you will keep your current level. You’ll be only demoted if you are unable to meet these standards—and in order to be promoted back up, you’ll need to meet the earnings standards again.:grinning:


I’ve talked with my success manager, and she said that you can’t go from Hero to Zero in such a short notice. For example, if a TRS doesn’t meet all the criteria, they could be demoted to L2. If they still can’t meet all the criteria for the next evaluation, they get demoted one more level to L1, and so on. So it takes some months to go from hero to zero :wink:

Could be less, could be even more, because it’s still a manual process and probably depends on when you’re in Fiverr’s Editorial spotlight, considering how many meet the criteria already and they most likely won’t give them all the TRS badge at once.


Hello am a new seller and my response rate is below 90% will there be any problem to my gig.


You have a success manager? That’s awesome! :scream:

Thanks for the clarification! Good to know one can’t lose all their levels instantly.


How it was? Mine is below 90 too now. My first time. I’m curious what will happen.


Don’t worry, you can’t go lower than the new seller level. Just focus on responding new messages from potential buyer or old messages that you haven’t respond (if there’s any)


If I drop from level 1 to level 0 does it means my 3 gigs will be disabled? As level 1 rank gets 10 gig facility… but level 0 get only 7.


Yes, you have to atleast pause 3 of your gigs or they will be auto removed.