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If i Get Level in Fiverr, Then How long time Stay my level if I Don’t Work.


Hi @nasirfaraze - Speaking from my own experience, I am a level 2 seller which I earned way back in 2014. However, I paused my gig for a long hiatus (several years in fact, to focus on other commitments) and I still retained my level 2 status.

There are regular targets to meet to retain your level, but it seems they are not actually based on the volume of orders, they are things like response rate, order completion rate, on-time delivery and review ratings.

So I suspect if you stop working/selling then it doesn’t affect your level, but if you fail to meet the criteria above then it might.

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Without TRS . Level one and level two badge will remain until your all status do not go down under 90% and you do not get any warning.

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Thanks a lor @jamesroscoe

Thanks… @jhakz1234

You wont lose your level 1 or 2 badge enen after 60 days without working. It will show NA in the monthly requirements and as soon as you get in to work everything will get back normal. (This situation is if only the account is completely inactive, else you still have to maintain the response rate )

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