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Fiverr Level Status Update

Hi, a seller had asked an similar question that I found very interesting but did not get any response unfortunately. My question is, when you as a seller finally got promoted to a level 1 or level 2 badge, did anyone notice a change in their impressions, clicks and even more orders for having the badge? Thanks!

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I would like to know that also. I know that I bought a gig once and I I chose a level 2 seller, because I thought they would do a better job, I think levels could increase your impressions and clicks, but I am new to this, so I am just going by my limited experience of buying 1 gig in the past.

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You can check this article to know more about Fiverr Level system.

Thanks but I’m not asking about the requirements for each level I know that already I am asking from your own experience once you got your badge did you notice an increase in orders because people trust you more? Thanks

Thanks! That really helped.


My experience has been that as a more highly rated seller, I must have done better in the search, because I was getting more clicks, more enquiries, and more gigs. Then, I cancelled a bunch of 1+ year old orders that were sitting incomplete in my queue. that dropped my completion rate down to around 40%, and over 2 months I found myself down to basic seller status. Again, I am assuming I am not coming up in the search, because I was getting 2 or 3 enquiries per month. Now that I have gotten a few orders, and my numbers are up again, I am hoping I’ll go up a level, and start seeing some more enquiries.

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