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Fiverr Level System And Software Developers


I’m relatively new to Fiverr and this is really bothering me for quite some time,

I’m a software developer, usually my projects take from 7 to 30days each, I think most developer’s need this much time,

So in the level System, it is impossible to complete 50 orders in 2 consecutive months even in 4 in some months,

Don’t get me wrong, for logo designers/fortune teller/image tracer gigs a seller can have as much as 3-5 orders each day even if he is a single person working and I have nothing on them,

All I’m saying is measuring a developer and a logo designer or writer same way a logical point? I know many logo designers who made less money in 50 orders then I and my developer friends do in a single order.

But their 50 order gets them level 2 rank and I’m left with only one order completation, Looking like a noob though 1 order for the designer or fortune teller took 30mins to complete and mine took 30days!

Does that sound fair to you? I think a or system like rules for level 2 should include 50 orders or 500/1000$ earned etc

What do you think? Is current level System developer friendly?



You might be able to do one job in several orders in this case. I wouldn’t be patient to have someone working on something on fiverr for 7 to 30 days.

Find a way to offer to do it in multiple orders.


You cannot blame designers, fortune tellers or other categories of sellers for delivering faster than you - you alone have chosen to provide up to 30-day services, it’s not those other sellers’ fault and thus has nothing to do with fairness :slight_smile:

Besides what @misscrystal said, you can also offer other services, create other gigs that deliver faster, gigs for smaller tasks, gigs for other categories, etc.

Nothing and nobody (except yourself) is preventing you from doing that or from reaching a higher level :sunny:


Yeah! I understand… Its the dark part of big orders. Only way is to divide the order into multiple parts I guess and try to deliver faster but ofcourse its not the best solution. Fiverr should think about something more logical for all of the seller or they should have different rules on behalf of type of seller.


Yes, they could either take selling price into account (for the levels) and/or have a weighting for each type of job/subcategory, so jobs that are known to take more time to do properly should count for more in the levels than jobs that are known to take a lot less time to do properly. Maybe they could base it on the average actual delivery time from order to delivery of each order within each category/subcategory for all sellers (perhaps taking number of orders in the seller’s queue into account or only looking at orders where it was the only one in the queue).


50,000+ Designs Completed, 93% Global Domination, 100% Rating… and UNBELIEVABLY… still at Level 2

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No seller is entitled to the TRS level. Fiverr awards that level as they see fit. Perhaps there is some reason that we do not know of, that has kept Fiverr from awarding you that level.

Level 2 is a wonderful place to be. Keep working hard; keep being the great seller that you are.


@misscrystal and @Woofy31

I have nothing on other sellers, I don’t blame them and this is by no means a hate post, I’m just comparing Cause this point makes fiverr pretty anti developer or any big project seller unfriendly platform, Other platforms as Upwork and freelancer even shows earnings next to completed order, So that people can differentiate between someone who was completed 5 orders with complexity level of 5$ and 1 order with worth of 1000$,

Again, i respect all jobs and services, My point is, Should or should not earnings effect sellers levels, Cause yes i can split one order of 1000$ to 200 different orders of 5$ but is that or should that be the point?

Please, if my post offended anyone in some way, i’m deeply sorry, i just wanted to share a feeling of mine :frowning:

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Actually, with the introduction of the Milestones feature, sellers who have big projects can now split them into smaller tasks / milestones, so Fiverr is pro-big projects now, since this feature is useful (and was designed) for big projects :slight_smile:

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Wow :open_mouth: :sunny: Didn’t know about this update feature :slight_smile: Amazing, Thanks a lot :slight_smile: this is pretty much exactly what i was asking for by this post :slight_smile:


I think you’re forgetting that you’re not competing with logo designers. You’re competing with developers offering the same service and probably in the same time frame. Once you get that L2 you’ll have much less competition than L2 logo designers.


Secondly, a good developer is able to adapt to any system and play by the rules given to him.
So - adapt. Use milestones, optimize your workflow to deliver faster, take on projects that require less time, work with clients that are more responsive and don’t delay your project etc. :wink:


this seems fair to me @nixonok

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Totally get it now :slight_smile: Thanks a lot, By the way, if you don’t mind can you give me the source of that stat, Thanks in advance :slight_smile:
Use the search filters

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