Fiverr Level tips


Hello guys, i was level 2 seller in January but unfortunately now i have no level in Fiverr. There was a problem with my “Delivered on time” issue. It was bellow 90%. Now it’s become over 90%. So will i get now Level 2 seller at a time or i will get level step by step? I mean, in the first-month level 1 and then in the 2nd month Level 2?


It is done in steps as far as I know


ohh so sorry. Thanks for your help.


Good luck for tomorrow! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you very much brother :slight_smile:


First i got Level 1 and after 1-2 hour i got back my level 2 badge. Thanks all.


HELLO Guys,i am new to fiverr.
AND need some help to increase my LEVEL…can you give me TIPS to inc. my LEVEL pleas slight_smile:


It appears that this was a bug and that your lev two will go down to lev 1 this month