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I was Told to earn $20,000 to become a Top Rated Seller…
Please How can i do this when my gigs are not being promoted by FIVERR??
I always post on social medias yet no sales
Please i need your advice on what to do…
If you know anyway i can Rank to the Top please help…


You can read the Tips for Sellers section here on the forum… You first of all, have to work hard for it.


You need to earn $20,000 (and have a better rating) to be nominated for a TRS. Top Rated Sellers are chosen manually, and there’s no guarantee that you will become one, no matter how much you earn.

It might be a better idea to focus on delivering good quality, and invest some time into learning how to promote your business.

You’re in a very competitive category, competing against thousands of other logo designers. To Fiverr, it doesn’t matter whether you’re the one making sales, or other logo designers; either way, they’ll get their 20%. So, what are you doing to stand out among all the others offering the same service (and, judging by reviews, many are offering better quality, too)?


If you earn $40,000 no guarantee that you will become Top Rated Seller. Top Rated Sellers are chosen manually so nobody knows who will be Top Rated Seller. You have to maintain good rating with excellent customer support.

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If you have ever studied seo and marketing.
That’s not hard.
You just do not understand how the product sells online