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Fiverr levels and rating system

On July 2 I cancelled an order while on Level 2. From then on I got very few orders and by July 15th, my Order Completion rate was about 88%. So I was demoted to Level 1. Later, I played safe to ensure I get back Level 2 badge. At the start of August, I get another order only for the buyer to ask for cancellation…later I got no orders. This added pain to my rating, and by 15th Aug I had 85% order completion rate…I got demoted from Level One to ‘nothing’.
This got me thinking if Fiverr demotes you, you get fewer orders but how do they(Fiverr) expect you to get back to your original level /rating without having orders?


Your issue isn’t so much the rating system as the cancellation system.

What were the reasons for those cancellations?

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I agree sort of. I think the evaluation should be changed to take into account if you haven’t had many orders and/or the cancellation reasons.

Also why are the requirements for the higher levels exactly the same as the lower levels apart from the earnings amount?. eg. the rating requirement for the top rated seller is exactly the same as a level 1 (when top rated is supposed to mean rated more). If you have a stat at 88% at the time of the evaluation you get demoted, but 2 (or maybe 1) more % would someone get promoted to the next level instead if they had earned enough. Maybe when it’s so close to 90% it could let the seller stay on the same level instead of being demoted/promoted.

Or maybe it could take the average of the multiple stats into account instead of demoting if you fail just one.

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