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Fiverr level's matters alot for new sellers

I am not going to counter any thread, but I will state the fact based on my own personal observations. Levels are there for a purpose, first as a leveled seller you will see more buyer request. It is just like saying rating doesn’t matter. Someone who has more ratings will definitely get more jobs. If I had 1k rating with over 800 5 stars, and the other 200 reviews and 100 plus 5 stars, who would the buyer consider first?.

When I was 0 level, I can only see about 20 buyer request every single day, I jumped to level one some few days ago, and I saw 600 buyers request. Not only did the buyer request increase, I got about 5 messages Instantly that day. I was battling with my cancellations so my rating was going down, but still I was getting messages from new clients. When I even contacted fiverr support, they told me since I had no levels, I am limited to the amount of buyer request I see. For example, as a new seller, once a certain job offer reaches 10 new offers from new sellers it will be taken off, and only leveled sellers will see that.

My goal is to be toprated so I can withdraw my money within 7days.

Also being a leveled seller gives you higher advantage over others. You can brag about it to your buyers, as long you are polite and deliver quality.

After leveling up, I’ve noticed some offers I get are usually around 200$ and more, which I was never getting as a level 0.

So to all new seller, work had and reach the top. There is a reason for the levels, we also have pro verified, which charge upto 1000$ per gig, if levels don’t matter, they won’t be pro verified, that like a title and achievements that they are quite better that some other people, either though communication, manners of approach etc, and not entirely skill, although the skill is the main point.

Become a leveled seller today and aim for the highest.

To all new sellers I wish you all luck.


First of all Congratulations and I appreciate your topics.

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You’re welcome @mehedi_shawon

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Thanks a lot for share this good and important advice for the new seller… :heart:

thanks for advise but i am struggling and contineously offering service even better services but no order yet

I agree level matters, including for seeing the most buyer requests.

Yes someone with more rating will probably get more jobs but having the most jobs doesn’t necessarily mean making the most profit. A lot of the Pro gigs won’t have that many ratings but a few orders on them could make them a lot more money than a lot more ratings on a $5 gig.

Also if the avg rating of someone was about the same, having 1000 ratings probably wouldn’t make that much difference compared to someone with 200 or 500 ratings if the buyer was more interested in quality or the type of work being done. 200 ratings should be enough to get enough idea of the sort of work the buyer creates and what the buyers think about it.

Fiverr doesn’t automatically put the ones with the most ratings at the top of the search results, sometimes those with the most can be put near the end so might not be found when a buyer does a search.


@uk1000 you 100 percent right. More reviews doesn’t mean more profit. The pro sellers offer prices way times the other sellers is because there badge speaks volumes for them. Pro verified. That like toprated toprated. The more leveled you are the higher you increase your price… I am a freelancer on another rival site I am also toprated there, and that always gives me higher advantage over others…