Fiverr levelup issue


I joined in fiverr since 3 months and i already completed my 58+ order with 5 stars and 0 cancellation rate. But i haven’t get my level 1 seller batch yet. Because i break some rules of fiverr by mistakes. What should i do now to get my level seller batch . I already contact with SC of fiverr but they said “maintain fiverr terms and services then you willl get your leveling”. I asked them which mistakes i made in fiverr , but they didn’t send that reasons for which i haven’t get my leveling .
Thank you in advance for your help.


Instead of focusing on your levels, you should focus on your gig, your work and reading the TOS to avoid making any other mistakes :wink: Trust me, if you keep looking at your level hoping it will bump up, you’ll get tired and depressed. Whereas if you keep doing a good job without thinking of your level you’ll soon realize your level has increased without even noticing it.

And make sure to read this, it will help you avoid making any other mistakes:

Hello lovely new people, buyers/sellers and others! Here is what you wish you had read BEFORE things went wrong…


Great information. Thank you @Woofy31


Your bio is copied (and I know exactly from whom you copied it :stuck_out_tongue:) So maybe that’s the rule breach they’re talking about.


Do let the person know through a Forum PM or else report it to CS.


You should contact fiverr CS. Hope they will help you


You should contact fiverr CS. Hope they will help you


Agree woofy31! I was never really concerned about my levels and suddenly one day I was level 2! :slight_smile: Would love to be a top seller now, but im also not stressing over it.


funny how your description states like 2300 reviews and yet you only have 58. REEKS of being copied from someone else.

Maybe you’d level up if you became an honest seller and didn’t stop trying to cheat your way through the system.


I didn’t mention about fiverr project 2300+ project. I was write about my local clients. I think you missed that point


Don’t think about levels just gives good services.
I agree with @Woofy31 go ahead man!!