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"Fiverr Life: Unbelievable Story of A Fiverr Seller" - Ebook will be available soon!

2+ Years, 8 gigs, 30,000+ Sales

Buying Car, A new Home, Helping feed hundreds of poor villagers in India - Unbelievable while looking back! -

Never thought of writing an ebook or sharing experiences with anyone, but it happened!

Not sure what could be the perfect word to use; AMAZING & EMBARRASSING at the same time. While unexpected opportunities knocked in, got excited, and when we were under pressure, got really frustrated too.

It all started back on 3rd January 2012. While reading a fiction, the story of a man who reached an unknown island after a ship crash, lived HUNDREDS of years there and made some findings in the medical field that could change the lives of millions. There were some hidden secrets, true inspiration, kept inside those stories, and it led to finding FIVERR as a new way of life.

All achievements make us happier, excited and above all, closer to thy god, and yea, some mental metamorphosis happen then.

But still, everything should have an END, and we must choose a perfect time to do so.

[Sometimes, we fail to prove our innocence, will be victimized and punished for no reason, and the one who played behind this will for sure feel satisfied. From zero to a hundred thousand, level one to top rated etc…and a great fall back to the floor, without even knowing what is the reason… it really hurts:-(

We have a few more days to text, experiment with something new and get in touch with the authorities, and if it doesn’t work, it’s time to STEP DOWN from FIVERR.

We believe that our FIVERR EXPERIENCE should be shared with all great members of Fiverr community; Sellers, Buyers, Support staff and ALL Watchers so that it may change, or at least inspire someone

Thank you so much for helping make the last 2 years as “Gig Life”.

The ebook will be uploaded on Fiverr forum next month [November 3, 2014] after having approval from the mods/admin


Thanks and have Wonderful Gig Life!

Fina Robbins

[idesigners India]

Good show. I looked at your gigs. Wow, over 7000 sales for logos. What I don’t get is why Fiverr has not made you a Top Seller status yet. Your sales and rating surely show you are good at your job.

Good Luck

Ive seen your gigs around before, you will be missed. I just joined fiverr a month ago and have already reached level 1 seller working on level 2. I hope to be as successful as you became! However I still wish you were staying :frowning: Great Job for your work:D

Reply to @steveeyes: Yea, that is what hurts a lot, when we don’t get what we really deserve. Thank you for the supporting comments

Reply to @steveeyes: Yea, that is what hurts a lot, when we don’t get what we really deserve. Thank you for the supporting comments


Wow, It’s sad to see such talented people on fiverr be missed.

I wish you much success and I would love you ask you a personal question:

What made you trun to fiverr?

:wink: Joe

The Creative Guys | 2014

Reply to @thecreativeguys: Well, we were punished for some unknown reasons, and we lost the TOP Rated status, EXPRESS status on all gigs and Search Listing of all our gigs…and we tried to get an explanation, but it seems someone [may be competitors or spammerss] has reported us with some misleading comments. While we can prove anything if we were given a chance, or if any of our 30,000+ buyers were asked, we are sure the truth will be revealed someday

Good luck with your endeavors, and I hope you will be honest and be well. Something doesn’t add up. Were you buying your own gigs?

idesigners said: The ebook will be uploaded on Fiverr forum next month [April 3, 2014] after having approval from the mods/admin

While the system will allow you to upload a document, it will not be "available". That will not be a method to share your ebook.

Reply to @anarchofighter: Sorry if the word “available” was not suitable. Let’s just say, it will be uploaded.

Thank you

Reply to @modelas: ““Were you buying your own gigs?””" you mean…?

What a shame that such a scant number of your buyers chose to show your work so other buyers could see a broader view of your capabilities. With over 7000 sales, I was really shocked to only see 3 or 4 completed work examples, and they were all over a year old! Do you know why? Or do you have the portfolio option turned off? (I can’t imagine why, though!)

Reply to @celticmoon: I am sorry but many buyers request NOT to show their work on portfolio, and we often get confused on which one can be shown and which one not. So just turned portfolio off now, will be back soon.

Nice thought though

Wow…Awesome idesigners,

I never seen such a successful person like you in here :)>-

Good luck…

Me too, so sad, I can’t find any reason about it, fiverr support for me and say: "Our Content Editors constantly review Gigs to help keep the content on Fiverr fresh. We’re broadening our approach to help buyers discover more unique services offered on Fiverr including offering more ways of how your Gigs are discovered. Unfortunately individual requests like this to have your Gigs promoted is not in our Editorial focus"

You’re very talent, but fiverr can change any thing althouth you’re right





After 4 months of life in darkness, we got some limelight as some of our gigs have been listed back in search results. Although we do not have our TRS status or Top Ranking on search results, we could find our gigs on the first 2-4 pages of search results, thank god!

And, after a few months’ delay, our book is ready for launch, sent to the editors for approval

Thanks you guys for the wonderful support