Fiverr live portfolio buyer privacy! URGENT!


Hey I have a buyer who is very happy with my fiverr


and wants to leave me great feedback but does NOT want the image shown in the live portfolio.

how i do that?


The buyer has an option to uncheck showing the image when reviewing. Alternatively you could also deliver the image in a zip file


@andidio21 Find the “My Gigs” tab, this will take you to your list of gigs. You will see a scroll down button to the right of your gig. Click the button to scroll down to Uncheck the LIVE PORTFOLIO. This is using a desktop. Hope this helps.


@kjblynx look, i been in this type of situation. If you want your portfolio to show you got no other choice but not to get any reviews from them. This only happen to me 1 out of 20. Is not worth it because a portfolio will help you get more orders.


Reply to @biggz27: I don’t understand what you’re saying here.

If you want your portfolio to show you got no other choice but not to get any reviews from them

If @andidio21 turns OFF his live portfolio so this one buyer’s work won’t show, NONE of his work will show. The buyer, however, has complete control whether or not to show the work he just purchased without effecting the seller’s other work. All the seller has to do is instruct the buyer how to do that.

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A simple solution, just .zip the file for that particular buyer.


Buyer, before reviewing the delivery, has the opportunity to discard Live Portfolio sample for current delivery, so it’s up to him/her doing this.

Seller has the right to have his/her LP turned on to show other potential buyers hog good are creations delivered…

So finally, don’t touch anything on your gig, just remember your buyer in delivery message that he can turn the sample off… just that, quick and easy!