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Fiverr Live Support - It's Finally Happening

Praise the lord. Fiverr is finally adding Live Support to the site. I managed to talk to a support representative and resolve an issue with Fiverr Support in less than 5 minutes. Finally a change we all were asking for.

Honestly, this is good enough to make me look over the mess that is the pro-home page. Right now, looks like they’re testing it with a select group of users.

For once I truly mean it when I say, “great job Fiverr”.


God Damn It. I thought I’d stopped flickering between bizarre parallel realities. Now I’m right in the middle of the most unbelievable one yet. At least I’m not a pregnant starfish this time.

Just to be clear:

  • Have you been taking drugs?
  • When you say ‘live support’ do you mean you talked to another human being?
  • If yes to the latter, was this via phone, skype, or Fiverr IM?

Who the hell are you and what have you done with Jim?

Of course, if this is all true, it does deserve something of a round of applause. :slight_smile:


So many questions.

Yes, to numb the pain.

It’s like the facebook messenger design, a small window at the bottom right of the screen.

The person was indeed real, the name was Eddie and felt like a real human. I know it’s a lot to take in but yes this is really happening.

Yes, this is Jim. Look I even told you I’m Jim.

Indeed it does. But like I said, it’s not available to everyone and the option to use it again has disappeared for now. Here’s to hoping they do a official release soon.

After the ticket’s closed it appears as a normal request in the activities section.

You can also leave feedback for the agent.

Yes, even I was amazed hence my opening question.

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I had to eat by throwing my stomach outside of my body. It was horrific.

Proof enough for me.

That’s too much to take in, I need to lie down. Night, Jim.

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Wait! So Fiverr used $2 to introduce chat support and it was a great experience. :slight_smile:
If only Fiverr communicated this when we were ranting about $2 fee :smiley:


Honestly, not even mad. As long as the support is fast and reliable they can take even more.

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Ok, now you need to put a sock in it.


I agree.
I just hope that one day they will actually open their mouth before introducing something that will generate billion rants.

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Shhhhhhhhhhh!!! They might hear you!

What are the chances that this will be the first Forum suggestion that is taken on by Fiverr?


Fair enough :V

Hopefully not the last.

I remember when I first join Fiverr and they bragged that they would answer your help message within a minute and they did. It was great. That greatness wore off. I hope this new greatness is here to stay or even be improved upon.


Nice! I have been wondering why there’s no live support even for TRS. Should get rid of those annoying copy pastas hopefully, and get more real responses!

Finally a good news!

Yes, It’s a good news.

They released something like this a while back but I can’t remember how long ago. It disappeared pretty quick, but it used the same or a very similar mechanism. I hope that this means they have the staff now to put it back up even if it is rolled out slowly. That would be so weird, but great. I wonder if it will cost $2 to use? :shushing_face: