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Fiverr location, 'from (country)' buyer confusion

I’ve been travelling full-time for about 2 years now courtesy of working on Fiverr, and have found that the location section states ‘from (Country)’. This has confused quite a few of my clients, as at one point it said I was ‘from Thailand’, another time I was ‘from Vietnam’, and now I have Chinese clients who assume I can speak Chinese as it says ‘from China’, when it’s simply where I reside currently.

I think just a basic change of the wording here could solve a lot of confusion for buyers and sellers, maybe just a simple 'location (Country)’ or 'current location (Country)’ could work better?


Welcome to the team! Personally I don’t think it should be listed at all (Why is it not possible to change country?)

But, yeah, I’ve thought that to myself as well…a simple change of the wording would it make it a lot less confusing.

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