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Fiverr locked my withdrawl

I have done 27 order completely and cancelled 7 order. There is no any active order right now and no pending clearances too. What should i do now i am so confused. Should i close my account or wait for it. I could not get my fund.

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you can visit fiverr suport team .

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I emailed them too. But, they replied that there is no any issues on your earnings.

What is the exact problem? You can’t withdraw your earnings? Is it pending? What does it say on the earning tab?

The message on button says like that. “withdrawl option was disabled contact customer support.”

You can only withdraw after your clearance days, then it will gray out, so you can’t withdraw any more - until the days have built back up. The number of days between withdrawing funds depends on your level.

Have you checked your email associated with the account? Maybe they have sent you an explanation. If not, you should contact CS and ask them what is happening.

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I mentioned this issues again on fiverr support. They helped me now. Now solved this issue.

Thank you guys for helping me.

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