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Hi!My name is George and i am new here.I decided to start a log here to write down my progress as a Fiverr seller!I will be writing as much as i can so it can keep me accountable.Feel free to join me with words of encouragment,curses or advice haha :stuck_out_tongue:


Week 1
Its been,well you guessed it, one whole week.I set up my profile and some gigs,got some videos and started a twitter account to be able to promote my work later one.
I had one order.A perculliar one.A buyer requested a review,i delivered in 10 minute but its seems that he didn;t complete the gig on on his part.We will see what will happen.

I’ve got some views on my gigs and some clicks.I want to be optimistic.
Today i posted some threads on the forums asking for advices and words of comfort!
Its so rejuvanating!This whole experience its so interesting.I really want it to work.Its been 4 hours and iam still working on my pages and videos!I AM HOOKED!
I think i am done for today.Thanks for reading(lol,no one read it right?)

I will write again tommorrow unless i get an order(fingers crossed)

Week 2.1
Today my first order was completed automatically.I will try to get a review.
The traffic on my gigs seems to go up!Maybe its from the forum posts?I dunno but i like it!
I hope it translates to offers!

Best wishes to you.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

All the best on your journey with fiverr. You will love it!

I like your idea to create a log of what is going on with you here.

It shows you think outside the box. Just try to keep it interesting and don’t post unless it IS interesting is my advice.

I hope so!

Thank you very much!The advice is much appreciated!

Can I start off with curses and then encourage you hehe. Just Kidding. Cool idea. Its almost like self-narration. Its all about getting visibility and standing out from the crowed. The fact that you’ve already got an order and views, already on the right track. Looking forward to following development and when you get to TRS you can be like Palabara was there and put me in forum posts and parade me as semi-important hehe. Sorry, Just kidding. :slight_smile: I wish you the best of luck on here, and will be poping in.

Haha!i will remember you as the first one to believe in me!
Thanks for your encouragment!stick around.

Week 3.1
Nothing really exciting in the last week.All my numbers(views,impressions etc) are going up although i didnt get any orders.
I have been slacking with some of my gigs.I need to make vidoes asap

That seems to be the norm for newer sellers. One week up then two weeks down. Rinse and repeat.

I will hang in there if you will :slight_smile:

Lets stick around man haha :stuck_out_tongue:

TRS status or bust!

keep up at it :slight_smile: once orders start rolling in you’ll be able to learn and see which gig preforming better and how to better capitalize. When I started short while back, it was slow in the start, but once you get established things will start to sprout.

Yeah, you need to do something different or offer something more than others. I have writing/proofreading gigs - most people would think twice about hiring a non-native speaker (Indian) like me for writing/proofreading Gigs…so I offer more than other people…if others offer 300 or 500 words, I offer 700. Now, of course, there are a lot of people who offer 800 or even 1000 words. But that got me going on Fiverr and I still offer 700 words. Offer high quality work and more work at low price - that’s the way to get noticed, as simple as that.

Thats great thanks!

Also looking at your gigs your description is very short, it dosn’t have the wow factor… For example take the math one… Give examples of what type of math… Expand on it… If I am potential buyer, your description is not very descriptive. When I write my descriptions.

I start with the… sales pitch… Like a paragraph then I go into the details of my gig… Then I go into my guarantees that I offer about my satisfaction and finally I conclude with that check out my other gigs and also if they want something they don’t see to contact me a lot of the work comes down to people want something, and might not have it in your fiverr profile, but you can still do the job so need to encourage people to reach out.

Finally, adding video makes you stand out people like videos… If a picture is worth 1000 words how many words is a video worth lol?

Hey man. Hang in there!

Long time!Lets say it’s
Week 5.1
Was sick for a week and then got stuck at some work stuff.Anyway,still here!
Got an order and a positive review,while practically being inactive and not improving my gigs so thats a big plus
Time to get to work now!
Thanks you everyone for you encouragement and suggestions!