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Fiverr Logo Hidden Meaning

hi guys today i find the meaning of fiverr m so exited to see it see stick figure is speeching or someone is standing on speech stand and ready to do speech… :joy::joy::rofl::rofl:Capture


I doubt that’s an intended interpretation, but interesting thought. Seen the Tostitos logo?


It’s a dude embracing an hydrant.


I interpret it as Oliver Twist begging an upturned letter J fot a chicken leg. - Or Oliver Twist strangling a viper.


It seems
Facebook talking to i :joy::joy::joy::joy:


The font used on the logo is “Chunk Five”, and when in the design software you play around with the kerning this is what you get. I don’t see a hidden meaning, but just a designer that did it for $5 - LOL


It’s a person standing in shallow water trying to fend off a large shark going for the face.


Welp…I can’t get that vision out of my head now lol :joy:


I see a person being stabbed in the head by a tall snake with flat feet. The V is ready to catch them when they fall because they have become a seller in ERR.



Interesting use of subliminal advertising right in the brand name. Good job of recognizing it.
You can be sure people’s subconscious’s recognized it.

It’s fun to look around at products in the grooming section of a drugstore, the packaging, to see all the subliminal messages deliberately worked into both packaging and what it says on the packaging.

Eric Schlosser said in “ Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American meal ”, that’s in the 1960’s McDonald’s wanted to change its logo design , but design consultant and psychologist Lewis Cheskin advised against it.

He said that the breast shaped design was in line with the Freudian theory of humans being sexually driven.


More logos with meanings:


Let me firstly fix fiverr logo :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:
I think idea behind f+i is giving or providing services something like deal or handshake between 2 persons (in this case probably connection between customer and seller)


nice observation :clap: :clap: :clap:

Lol, you couldn’t think of something original, Mr copycat?


But a few words are different!

Yea, I know. It’s almost entirely different. :rofl:
This reminded me of that episode of Friends where Joey replaced all the words with Thesaurus.

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This is what happens when you use free software online to spin articles and content.

I’m guessing that your copycat doesn’t actually speak English and thinks that spinning other posters’ comments is an easy way to demonstrate otherwise.

I’f I’m wrong, they will respond to this call out. If I’m right, they will respond by saying something incomprehensible like: "Incontinent badger never spins contently from the Interwebs."


The thought process must be;
I want to write something so I will be noticed as smart and get top rated seller so this is a female so no one will care, or no one will notice this, and if I change three words it’s not copying so it’s allowed. And buyers will see my gigs and buy from me.

It happens to me every couple of weeks it seems …


It would be much more interesting to come up with your own ideas. I would really like to see an original post from you!


Or it could be:

Finally, after years of searching, I have found the woman who lured me to her gingerbread cottage in the woods and turned my sister into an emu. Now I will use the Grimoire I stole during my escape, to slowly become her. I will start by stealing her words and likeness. While she is preoccupied by the forum, my sister who is still an emu will then sneak up to her mountain home and do what else needs to be done…

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It seems to be a habit:

Your spinning software isn’t very good :wink:

Fiverr’s…downfall? The Ranting Pot

I think a bunch of old sellers are facing this issue, and that’s because of the algorithm that doesn’t guarantee your rank even if you have exceptional reviews and a bunch of orders. Now the algorithm is mumble bumble. New sellers with 30 reviews end up on the ‘Best Selling’ tab and they keep their position for a long time. Now I’m branching out on other platforms too. Maybe is a good thing as I build a reputation on other platforms.


I suppose a gaggle of antique dealers is dealing with this problem, and that’s due to the algorithm that doesn’t assure your rank even if you have outstanding reviews and a gaggle of orders.

Now the set of rules is mumbling bumble. New sellers with 30 critiques grow to be at the ‘satisfactory selling’ tab and they keep their position for a long time.

Now I’m branching out on other systems too. maybe is a superb thing as I build a reputation on other structures.

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