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Fiverr Logo Maker for passive income

Hello everyone,

I have two questions regarding Fiverr Logo Maker for Passive Income.

  1. I am wondering if anyone has tried it, does it bring your passive income?
  2. I uploaded 5 logos yesterday, some of my logos are in " active" mode, and some of them are in " pending" mode. I had waited a few days for the " pending" mode to change, but nothing has happened. I am wondering if I need to do anything to change the status of the logo?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Kind Regards,


Don’t expect TOO much from the fiverr logo maker…

I have around 20 in them and just 4 sales so far…

I personally think the logo maker is not a successful project. Because robots cannot do brand identity design. it’s very complicated customers want different things not just premade template.

:smirk: oh well.

And I think it is. People buy around 50 logos per month from my LogoMaker logos.

Some “designers” do it even worse than robots.


You talking about small businesses just want to represent them in some symbols for couple of bucks. I’m talking about brand identity designs. Some companies spend more than 45000$ on branding. this is 2 separate path

no need an argument
good luck

Well, it’s an open forum and everyone can express their opinion.

And as basics you need to know that all business have a target audience. The same stands for LogoMaker, they target a specific audience which is in some cases might be even bigger than “big established businesses” that are ready to spend thousands of dollars.

You can not say that project is unsuccessful just because it is targeting smaller businesses. :woman_shrugging:


:joy: Ok, thanks for sharing your idea. I’m afraid I have to disagree with your opinion.


You don’t have to be “afraid” and it’s not “my opinion”. Target audience is a basic thing for a designer to know.

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You know what :joy: you’re right thank you so much

WOW that is really great, Then I must me doing something wrong in here then or have uploaded something that is not in demand.

Do you want to shed some light on the kind of designs you are doing for some inspiration

And that’s exactly target audience that I’m talking about :wink:

I found a target audience that works for me and I create designs within that niche. I know what those people want and I create designs wining that style