Fiverr logo watermark position


I want fiverr able to let us decide where the fiverr logo watermark appeared on our work (like pick either 1 of 4 corner, watermark size) because the current one will get in the way of my portrait and buyer keep saying they can’t review properly!

Also a lot of NEW buyer keep saying they downloaded the file but the watermark still appears on the artwork, and I really do not know why cause that and fiverr need a short tutorial about the watermark for teaching buyer why it appear and how to get rid of it.


Watermark only be removed when a buyer accept the delivery.
Here is an video explains this -


Hi, Chris,

I understand what you mean about the seller having the capability to choose the placement of the watermark. I purchased a gig where the seller made a picture of my grandchildren look like an oil painting. However, I could not see their mouths well due to the placement of the watermark. After accepting the delivery, I found I needed to ask for a revision. Luckily, the seller was amiable to this.


Yeah, exactly the same issue my buyer facing.
Thanks for the info.