Fiverr Logs Me Out When I Try To Deliver


…which is a bit annoying. Anyone else? It just started like 5 minutes ago.

I wonder if some wonderful new feature is about to be implemented, or we’re just coming up to another unwanted tea break?



I don’t have a hard deadline today, so this is a mere irritant, but on behalf of other victims of this latest out®age:


Anyway, it’s fixed… for now.

Time to move onto the next confusing request!


OK, now this bullshit has started up again. :confused:

In other news, I have a blind bat who wants me to cancel because they didn’t read the gig again. I want to put my prices up again, if only to eliminate these bloody idiots from my life.

How hard is it to read a description, you moron?


That’s a double negative
Bats are blind anyways (They have really poor vision, hence the usage of sonar)
Blah blah blah bleep boop beep :robot:


Whatever, bestselling gig going up to $30. If the bloody site won’t keep logging me out.

In fact, tomorrow, they’re all going up. Blame the morons.


I can’t be the only person with this issue! I have a couple of messages I need to get back on, a disgruntled bat to simper to and gigs to change!



I had similar problems earlier. Try to deliver via mobile app, it must work.


I don’t have any deliveries left to do today. I just want to do some admin work

And pander to the whims of morons.


Arrggggggg! ((( 20 args)))



I switched browsers which seemed to fix it. Of course, I could have done this a while ago, but I wanted to moan as well.