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Fiverr logs me out

Whenever i log into my fiverr app and i exit it to do some other things on the phone, when i try to check back my fiverr app, it writes ‘something went wrong and you were signed out’ - something related… So i will have to log in every time… Please help fix it… Thanks

Hello @smat_writer. I see you are new to the Fiverr Forum. Welcome!

Here on the Forum, we are all buyers and sellers. In the phone app, Fiverr has listed us under support because often we can answer questions.

We cannot:

My Fiverr app does not sign me out when I exit the app. So, I am not sure that is happening to you. My phone is an iPhone, so maybe that is the issue if yours is an Android. :thinking:


Do you by any chance have an app or anti virus that cleans the phone to free space?

Are you saying that she may be signed out of Fiverr because of lack of space on her phone?


No, i am saying that if she has an app that automatically cleans the phones cache or memory after a specific time, it might be the reason for the log out, most of the apps that do this end with a notification saying they have freed up your phone memory.

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Thanks for enlightening me.


Great point. I have had cache issues with a number of apps and websites. Clearing my cache cleared it right up.

Thanks for.the reminder to do this if I face this issue.

@smat_writer if that doesn’t work, contact support. It could be a bug.

No. I have enough space. About 15gb of space

Oh. I don’t have any app like that

Thanks. I’d do that right a.way

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