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Fiverr mail policy


I just want to share with you some of my thoughts about, “don’t contact outside the platform” fiverr policy. Let’s start from the begining. Few days ago I sent a message to Support, asking about my level 2 seller badge. I was just curious if maybe there is some bug, maybe I need to wait longer or maybe I’ve done something wrong and that is way I still don’t get it (I manage all level 2 requirements about 3 weeks ago). Just polite question.

I recieve answer: "The system had detected some activities that caused you to become ineligible for a Levels badge. As you continue to sell on Fiverr, without any further violations of our Terms of Service (…) your account may hopefully become eligible again in the future." I was like “what violations of ToS?”, I did nothing wrong, but ok - I can wait, it’s only badge.

I realize that I share my mail with my clients few times but the red text, which is showing up when you are doing that says: “Terms of Service reminder: Providing email, Skype, or phone number is only allowed if it is needed as part of the service.”. When someone wants to share with me big video files (few gb) via google drive, I need to share my mail with them. So it’s clearly part of the service - how that could you violation?

Anyway, let’s get to the point. This what really prompted me to share my thoughts with you guys was something else. Few hours ago new buyer contact with me that he need my help. He want it to be done within 24 hours. I told him, sure - no problem. Of course he want to share his files with me via google drive, so he asked for my mail. I replied:

“The thing is that, fiverr doesn’t allow seller to share their mail with the buyers (they looking at it as contacting outside of fiverr). I used to do that and I get warned, I don’t want to get banned - hope you understand me. Could you please upload it without having my mail before?”

Guess what - these message got flagged as a possible ToS violation. Now I need to wait 24 hours to make it visible for buyer, which efficiently prevent me from making a new sale. Also, I guess that this could be a next thing stopping me from getting Level 2 badge.

I can understand that fiverr wants to prevent contacting outside fiverr, but this way they’re making my job so much harder. I need to take my time and explain buyer how they can share their files with me without having my 3m41l adr3ss (special secret code to avoid ‘message was flaged’ problem :D), which is not what I should be doing.

Looking forward to see your thoughts about that.


You violated the TOS so that is why you did not get to level 2.

Every other seller manages to share files without violating TOS so you can do it too. Maybe dropbox will work for you.

Tell him to load his files to dropbox and send you the link.


Dropbox or Custom hos-stings Sorry to hear your trouble…:jack_o_lantern:


You will get your level=2 badge soon, do not worry about that badge, try to avoid using red alert words… google drive link can be taken without providing any email to client…


I prefer google drive, and I know how to share files via GD without mail, but not all of my clients know that. Red message says that it is allowed if it’s needed as part of a service - that’s why I was doing that.

Thank you all for suggestions - now I will probably switch to dropbox.


I asked Customer Support a while ago because upload was buggy - and I asked specifically for a confirmation if it´s okay to use drive, because I am used to drive and prefer it, but they ignored my bit on drive completely. The reply said:

‘you can use a third-party file sharing service (such as or, to upload the file and then send your seller (yes, it said seller, not my typo) the download link. We ask you that you not use a file-sharing service that requires an exchange of email addresses or other personal contact details.’

Now it says ‘such as’, so the list isn´t exhaustive, so as long as drive is being used in a way that isn´t an exchange of contact information, it should be ok, but if you think it could be a problem because of your clients it´s probably best to use one of the options they specifically mention.


May be second time your message was flagged due to typing " Outside of Fiverrr" so that can also be cause of second time message got flagged. You must careful.


Thank you all for your time. Much appreciate. Lesson for me - never ever send a message when ‘red warning’ comes out and switch to DropBox.


Here is a new sentence you can use with your buyers:

To comply with the rules of this site, communication can only take place via Fiverr messages. We can also utilize Dropbox for file sharing. Let me know if you have any questions.

(I don’t believe there are any red flag words in these sentences…) :slight_smile:


Use Drive and create an instruction document (or download Google’s own instructions) for anyone who does not know how to. It’s pretty simple really.
Your message got flagged because of the words “outside of Fiverr”. Take that out and resend the message and it will got through.


My clients always send me files via google drive and never has any of them asked me for an email. They only send a shared link.