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Fiverr Main Problem


There is a major problem on which fiverr is not focusing there should be an option for seller to accept the buyer’s order and one more thing people here get 5$ in their Fiverr balance and then order one and then cancels and then order then cancel to attack it’s competitors


What exactly do you mean by this? I for one would want an option to deny a buyer’s order.

I don’t know if this is a huge issue as I have not seen many complaints regarding this. If you feel like someone is doing so, you can raise up your concerns to Customer Support and they can look into it.

That said, I don’t think that’s Fiverr’s main problem. They have bigger problems.


I mean that , We need an option to deny buyer’s order , That all.

Fiverr Customer care quacks for sure I explained them everything and what they said due to privacy policy we can’t block buyer’s right etc like that and last thing Custom Support is supporting the buyer not the seller lol because the buyer spend the money and they are priority.

I have faced many problems like people order your service then they say I want to cancel and in your fiverr analytics they just reduce your completion rate.

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Okay, thank you for clarifying, as you said in your original post that there should be an option for seller to accept the buyer’s order only.


Thanks for understanding, I hope fiverr focus on it.


Yeah, I hope they consider something like that. Also, I’m sorry you experienced those cancellations, I know how such things greatly affect our statistics! :frowning:


Yeps , Thank you for replying and understanding me.