Fiverr Main Site down


Where I live is at least 15 hours down with unexpected problems.
I also monitored the same situation from Canada.

Seems to be a bigger issue.

Desktop Site Down?

Hi Mario,
It is working in the US. At least near the Canadian border.


No issues for me. Although I did see a weird glitch where my avatar did not appear on some pages, so I had to upload a new one. Still, it’s not appearing in one of my gigs in search results. Instead shows an initial in grey background, which is the default for people with no avatars.

If there has been issues in some countries, it would explain why today has been extra quiet. Usually sundays have been very active!


In Sri Lanka , No Issues


No issues from Bangladesh.


No issues from up here on the Moon.


:joy::joy::joy: on the Moon


hi hi hi hi :crazy_face:


For at least 24 hours now! (In the Netherlands.)



I really had no idea about it until you said, In Bangladesh, things are working fine as before


Edit: Apparently clearing cookies fixed this error! Thanks @joshcates


I also had this issue. I’m using Google Chrome in Windows 10.

By clearing my cache and browsing data, I was able to log back in to the site. Hope this works for you.


Had the same issue. Removed my cookies (Fiverr only), and it works.
Using another browser as well.


Then there is definitely some problem in the website, thanks for sharing the info



No issue From Bangladesh.



Was indeed the cookie thingy. Never had this with any other site.


From last 2/3 hours I’m facing this problem. Then I change my browser. Now its working fine. But not sure what’s nex :frowning:
Thank you