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*** Fiverr Maintenance TOMORROW ***

Fiverr will be undergoing scheduled maintenance on Monday/Tuesday (October 23rd, 24th).

The site will still be available but some users may experience intermittent connection issues or slowing starting at the following times:
Tuesday morning 5:30am GMT; 1:30am EDT; Monday night 10:30p PDT

We don’t expect the maintenance to be longer than 1 hour. But will update during the outage here and on social media channels. Advance apologies for any inconvenience.




Thank you for sharing

Thanks for sharing @mjensen415

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This is rather short notice, to be honest. Could you like add this on the main site as well so people that don’t visit the forum can be prepared for it?

The noticeable trend: Everytime mjensen415 create a topic the demands ensues. :roll_eyes:

Do this…
Do that…
Wait I want this…
I hope you’re doing this…



I passed this along as quickly as I could to you fine folks. Because it’s not a “full outage” we won’t be posting on the site. Truthfully, a majority won’t notice any difference in the site.


Thanks for letting us know.
At least I won’t be worried now if i face some momentary issues

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Understood. But then how are we supposed to have the all important daily time not he forum!? :smile: I guess we’ll have to go a day or two without our fix.

Thsnks for the update.

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Thanks for Update News.

I don’t know much about servers, but couldn’t maintenances be avoided if you have two servers and have the secondary one running Fiverr when the primary server is under maintenance?

That should avoid all downtimes totally. :thinking:

@adsensewizard- It has to do with the scale and consistency with the site. Trust me, we run MANY more than 1 server.