Fiverr Make me able to Come back in Life Again.. :)



My Name is Shahaan Shaukat and i am a FreeLancer Web Developer from last 10 years, i Started my Career from Different Networks Like Odesk and Elance once they Got Closed i Couldn’t Make much improvement in the Field and Almost felt like a Useless in this Field, One day i went to my Friend who is Very Good Digital Marketer and Also a Member of FIVERR and discussed the situation and He Help me to Make my Profile over the Fiverr and i started working on it and after 6 months great effort i came into life once again and Now my Main Source of Earning is FIVERR projects and FIVERR is Really a LOVE.
I saw different posting about the things people bought from Fiverr earning so i am posting my Experience in the same Sense like i have Earned another way of Doing Great Work from FIVERR and i bought alot of my Dreams :slight_smile: which i can’t post Photos as they are Alot

But the Conclusion is that if you have skills and you have patience then there is not excuse so you can say i am helpless as FIVERR is here for all the persons who know to do something whatever it is.

i have one negative thing experience which i also want to share here may be i need to face alot of negative replies on that but still its my personal opinion that whenever i got some issues with buyers not many but 1 or 2, Staff always did favour to Buyer i think sellers are also important for this network.

But still i can say

Fiverr is My Most Precious Profile

It was my Story over there :wink:

Shahaan Shaukat

Is it possible to earn a living by fiverr? Or is that a hoax

Best sentence I’ve read in a while!
Well done!


Thanks you @wuerz123


It’s all one sentence, isn’t it? Love your enthusiasm and positivity. Keep on posting on the forum. It makes me feel good about life!


Thanks you so much and I love the Support by Friends Like you Bro @homeestates :slight_smile:


It’s always great to hear an inspiring story, thanks for sharing!


pleasure is all mine :slight_smile: thanks you @sophiesvoice for giving your precious minutes to read my story


Thank you for sharing your inspiring story Bhai.


Aray Mine pleasure dost if you got inspired :slight_smile:


Another uplifting Fiverr story. Best wishes for your continued success! :slight_smile:


Thanks you So much for loving my Story @lloydsolutions


You’re most welcome! It encourages me not to give up! :slight_smile:


Yes never ever Give up


Congratulation. Keep posting beautiful words and doing a great job!:tada::tada::tada:


Thanks you So much :slight_smile: @n4y33m


This inspires me as a web developer too. This is my second month on fiverr and things have going smooth so far. Reach level 1 milestone already, going to level 2.


Best of Luck For your TRS brother @oloyedejamiu