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Fiverr make our extras stand out and stop the little question mark on them!


Fiverr you want our gig average prices to increase. We know that because you are testing out putting the average price of our gigs on display which most think will drive away buyers from our gigs.

Here is what to do to increase the prices of gigs:

Put back the description of our extras where buyers can see them.

The idea to put the little question mark next to the title of an extra so a buyer has to take the initiative to click it to see what it is was a bad idea.

What increases sales prices is all the extras that a buyer can add to a gig.
So make those more easy to see and give us a little space to describe and sell those on our gig pages. It’s the extras that do what you want.

Average prices make people skip over our gigs.
Getting buyers to add on extras increases the prices of gigs.
It was much better before. My old gigs that I never changed over to packages
or the newer showing of a title for an extra with the little question mark on it
are the gigs of mine that consistently get the most, largest sales, since buyers can see the value in adding on extras.