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Fiverr making gigs more expensive

TL;DR- $17 for a custom offer originally $10. Can someone please explain the fees involved? (newbie)

I charged $10 for a custom offer
When I submitted the customer offer, it went up to $17 !!
This is upsetting my buyer, could someone please explain to me these fiverr fees which make gigs more expensive for the buyer? I know they take 20% of earnings, but rising the price 70% (+$7) for my gig custom offer is A LOT ! Most of all, my buyer isn’t happy and is confused about me saying I charged $10.
Thanks a lot.

Also…out of curiosity how has everyone’s business been going in the age of COVID19? Mine’s been slowing down quite a bit which is concerning as a new seller.

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First fiverr will charge your buyer processing fee which is from 2$ to 5% from the order.
Secondly I suspect that your buyer have prices in a different currency and not usd dollars (there are might be Australian, singaporean, Canadian dollar etc etc)

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Thank you, still learning the ropes!

Fiverr charging 20% like for 10$ customer need to pay 12$.
Now in your case problem is ! customer try to paying in other Currency like AUS$ or Canadian Dollars so exchange rating involving to make upto 17$
Try clear your buyers Custom offer Cost is 10$ in USD not any Other

I usually sel in AUD, should I change this?