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Fiverr making me FATTTT


i have noticed one thing for last couple of month, getting a lot of fat after i have started working on fiverr
is there any people out there having same problem???

as i work all day. sitting on my chair . eating snacks all the time while working… wahhhhh… perfect formula for getting fat!

need some time management idea? anyone there :wink:


Yeah, workout for at least 30 minutes a day, and stop eating snacks. Have nothing apart from your regular home cooked meals.



That is a horrible, horrible thing to say! Telling me to stop snacking is like telling me to stop breathing! I can’t do it!

I eat watermelons :yum:, cantaloupes :yum: and honeydews :yum: all day - I mean all day! I buy pre-sliced at the grocery store.

I am also addicted to yogurt. :yum:

Literally, like I spend $20 - $25 a day on those four items alone (a day)!

Feeling a little hungry, I wonder if I have any :watermelon: or :banana:?



Those are healthy options, of course. Nothing wrong with that. I was referring snacking on potato chips, chocolates, cookies etc.


:joy: Oh girl you go and eat those snacks :grin:.
Thanks for the laugh. Maybe you should try a voice over gig, def. no eating for me unless I take a break :sweat_smile:


We could have a Fiverr weight loss club (and then use that to get into the blog as they’re running out of ideas and they’ll take any old community spirit shit right now which means MOAR EXPOSURE AND MOAR SELLS).

Just a thought from someone who looked in a mirror today and sighed at their emerging new chin and then ate a cheese sandwich with crisps (chips for people who can’t speak proper British English).

We can start in March, guys, so I declare the next 6 days to be pizza and cake time. It’s OK, because we’re going on a diet soon.

EDIT: the summer is coming and it is hot, like 30+/100+ degrees hot, and I can’t hide my wobbly frame under layers of clothes much longer, so time to drop more pounds than I want to think about. Maybe I’ll just buy some more elasticated pants and overly large lightweight and shapeless tees and continue to transform into Jabba the Hutt.


You always see those success stories such as …“Hey this is my new car”…" I paid for college"…“I am travelling the world with my Fiverr earnings”…

So where are the OTHER success stories :thinking:

Imagine the headline:

“How I gained 200 lbs on Fiverr and was able to use my earning for liposuction”

“How a group of sellers achieved their ultimate weight loss goal”

:sunglasses: The possiblities are endless


Just dieting won’t help, you need to get the metabolic rate up…I recommend HIITs and resistance training.


I realized that I was finally a grown-up recently.
The pivotal moment came when I opened a “sharing” bag of Doritos, poured some into a bowl, resealed the bag and put it away. This incredible feat was in stark contrast to my usual routine of open bag, demolish bag, recycle bag, go to shop (as the panic of having no snacks in the house overcomes me).
Unfortunately my local shop has decided to put Cadbury Creme Egg multipacks on special offer for €2…
It now seems silly to only buy one multipack when they are at that price, so I don’t.


Not sure about getting fat but yes, due to ceased movement, I am facing knee aches ( and I am just 22 :pensive:)



I’d like to hire you to write an article proving that potato chips, chocolates and cookies are vegetables! :grinning:


I have started a Fiverr weight loss club post. It doesn’t start until March though. Let’s procrastinate a bit first! Besides, I have some frozen pizza and similar that needs to be disposed of correctly, via my mouth.

I am quite good at not eating a whole bag of crisps (I can’t stand creme eggs anymore–too sugary sweet). Mind you, they’re released a really good new one with a packet that you add to your yoghurt, and that’s just great. Plus, olive oil in ghastly amounts of everything. They burn it off with activity, I just add it to my voluptuousness.


Same here!!! but not too much FAT… I think we should fight with our belly :smiley:


You tell him, girl!!!
I love snacks. I live to snack and I snack to live.

I do go to the gym once a month and walk for 30 minutes to go to work though.
Still, I hate working out. I wish I had some miracle body where I can burn my fat overnight.




Woops, it’s once a WEEK, my aplogies.

I read something online where it said “Exercising will be much more rewarding if calories screamed while you burned them” and I must say…I agree…I guess I’m a sadistic person, muwaHAHAHAHAHAHA :imp:




I give 15 hours to fiverr and 8 hours to sleep and one hour playing badminton i am doing good. :slight_smile:


Gym works great for me, I go a few times per week unless I´m sick or really can´t find the time, it´s not a chore, I love to go. I burn 500-600 calories with the cardio part, don´t know about the machines, as they don´t tell me, but it´s enough for a few snacks either way. I enjoy it, the training itself, hey, I can listen to my favourite music and let my mind drift, then they have a nice spacious shower room that´s much bigger than my bath, good coffee machines and a lounge to relax a bit before leaving.
Finally, since I know I’m paying for it anyhow, it motivates me to use their equipment, hot water, blowdryer and coffee as often as I can. :wink: They have all kinds of good courses too, I go sometimes but not regularly, I´m not much of a course and fixed times person.

Crisps, they started to sell my favourite brand in a pack of 4 small packages too instead of just a big one, they are more expensive in price/grams, but in practise, if you eat 4 small ones instead of 4 big ones per week, it´s actually cheaper, apart from saved calories.


I’m the same way. Plus if the weather is nice, I’ll go to our local park, which has a 3 -mile walking trail and do the weight machines they’ve set up recently. I love it.

I try to hit the gym before work or, if not, after work at least 3 times a week. If my Fiverr work allows me… more. I’ve been lost over 100 pounds (and hopefully I’ll be having surgery in the summer to remove the excess skin).

I try to eat more fruits and vegetables - working at a local school kitchen allows me that luxury too - lots of fruits and vegetables to choose from.