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Fiverr Manipulation of Search Rsults - Disappeared Gigs!

We’ve been monitoring the searching ability of v3 of fiverr. We created a new gig just 10 days ago, you can see here the gig:

The views are very popular 660 + actual views in less than 10 days. Searching was ok for a week, hence the large amount of views. Now, in the past 24 to 48 hours, no matter what you enter in the search, the gig is nowhere to be found. Rotating gigs.

So, we believe fiverr is manipulating daily, the search results and basically destroying seller trust and confidence. It’s another reason why your gigs may not be showing in search results, because your gigs are nowhere to be found expect you see it listed in your own gig page. Anyone who visits your gig page will see other gigs you provide.

As I’ve said before, don’t depend on fiverr for your income.

Rotating gigs are perfectly fine in my opinion, as long as when sorted by rating they remain sorted according to amount of reviews + total rating. Which does not seem to be the case. :expressionless:

Just came across your thread, I am having same problem but no reply from their support.

I think you may be right! Today I got 12 orders and average is 2-3 orders per day so it seems like I got promoted somehow…

edume: "As I’ve said before, don’t depend on fiverr for your income."

Correction: Don’t depend on the Fiverr search/marketplace to be your ONLY source of gig traffic. Fiverr is well within their rights to rotate their own marketplace search results however they feel brings them the most income. This is their website.

My advice, market and promote your gigs off of Fiverr. Take responsibility for your own traffic… your own sales… your own success.