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Fiverr marketting versase spamming


Most of us don’t understand the difference between Marketing and Spamming.
As a freelancer, we have the opportunity to brag for our service through social media or some platform like Facebook, Linked In, Tweeter etc. Fiverr itself also advise their seller to promote their gigs into these social sites. Wen couple of thousands of marketing items run through these social sites left very few gaps for social gathering named as spamming. We might do the marketing in these sites but must be very careful not to jam out these social sites. As our marketing would hamper the social gathering. Imagine you have gone to a park for recreation, where lots of hawker or padman coming to you with the same thing again and again, annoyed is how you feel. Thus some marketing becomes annoying or hampering someones personal feeling. But actually what to do?
We can do a limited marketing. Instead of giving 5 back to back post we might divide them hourly sequence. 1 in an hour might work. If anyone post a gig should wait at least 1 hour until the next post. Which not only save him from spamming also give him the opportunity to reach a wide range of people. This is my opinion. Others might contrary. So guys give your comments on this topics. So I also get the chance of learning new ways.
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