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Fiverr massive view DROP!


hi, am using fievrr since 2017 and had no issue until last year : no sales stats drop, CS slow response and level denomination. my state was yesterday at 88% after a conversation ( with fast 1 to 3 min response-time) that stats went to 89% and after that its gone back to 88%)i had neither a conversation with a new inbox mail buyer nor with a new buyer. last weak fiverr support told me because of a conversation i had a mount ago or so my stats dropped to 88%)? if this happening to you guys as well please let me know


That is quite standard and not an issue.

Period for statistics rolling for 60 days and if one of the previous orders dropped from that period that’s why your stats lowered again.

I would advise you to read this forum and fiverr help page to find out how this works.