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Fiverr Math Regarding Cancellation Ratio?

On one particular gig, I had 9 cancellations. I am now on my way to combating that (got 3 completed and satisfied orders since then), but my cancellation ratio hasn’t budged. Does anyone know exactly how many completed gigs I will have to get to start knocking the percentage down? Is it based on the gig being marked as complete, or do they have to leave feedback too?

I think they need to give feedback to been counted to the ratio.

But you may also reconsider your gig description!?

If you send me your link, I am happy to take a look and give some advise if something catches my eye…


My gig description is fine. I have had way more sales than I have cancellations, but I was just wondering how many completed orders it will take to get that ratio to start going down.