Fiverr maximum file-size upload limit has increased, I thing


I saw that while uploading delivery to a client:



It really uploaded! :open_mouth: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


And it’s send:


Maybe that’s a miracle that happened only me? Have someone else experienced something similar to that?


Nope, I never have. :nerd_face:


absolutely it is an miracle. im cant ever upload that size of file or near to it… :roll_eyes:


i tried and its working too ! just uploaded a 900MB file! woohoo!


Wow, I can’t believe! What happened?


Seeing as the file size limit has increased, what is the new limit? Can uploads be up to 2 GB? Over 2 GB (Gigabytes)?

Also for large files eg. >= 1 GB (including over 2 GB) I assume it would still be better to use a site like DropBox? eg. using the desktop app for more reliability eg. the ability to resume an upload that stopped?